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”Works from particularly structured workshops of Hambis Printmaking School”

Hambis Printmaking School in Platanistia, suggests a journey to the techniques and methods of printmaking, through artworks of its workshops. Especially interesting and rich exhibition which presents various techniques and methods. These workshops commenced in 1995, when Hambis founded the Printmaking School in the village of Platanistia, in memory of the printmaker A. Tassos. Complimentary workshops in linocutting , available to all, beginners and not, children and adults,
are provided every August. Since 2008, the Hambis Printmaking School, also offers specialised workshops to artists, students of Fine Arts and to all those who are already familiar with printmaking, however they are eager to learn other techniques and new methods. Initially these workshops they were organised exclusively at the Hambis Printmaking Centre in Platanistia; now they are taking place in Nicosia as well.

The teachers who gave life to these workshops are:
Evgenia Vasiloudi, Hambis, Rodica Lomnăşan, Eleni Panagidou, Tania Gioura, Isabelle
Panaud, Dimitra Siaterli, Pino Pandolfini, Stella Lantsia, Liana Papaioannou.

The group of works displayed in this exhibition, are all donated by the artists to the Hambis Printmaking School. Their contribution is greatly appreciated and we value their support. We would also like to express our deepest gratitude to all the teachers who shared their knowledge, talent and pedagogy, and above all their immense love for printmaking art.