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Printmaking is a demanding and diverse art, due to its many techniques and processes. The ”ungrateful technique” that hardly ever forgives ”mistakes” and the ”regrets” of the printmaker, requires patience and a lot of work. This has prevented many painters from embracing printmaking as a mean of expression.

A print is the result of a process that includes, draft drawings, transferring the sketch onto the plate, cutting/engraving/etching, drawing on the stone with special ink and printing, usually on paper. It is a printed image. The existence of many methods of preparing the matrix leads to the replacement of the traditional names, based on the materials of the matrix – ”xylography”, ”chalcography”, ”lithography” – with more specific denominations: woodcut and wood engraving, linocut, stonecut, engraving, dry point, mezzotint, etching, aquatint, soft ground etching, photogravure etc.

In all these techniques, the printed image (the print) is the mirror image of the matrix (the paper is placed onto the inked matrix).


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