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The artist’s book Topo-analysis of new printmaker Eleni Panagidou consists of a hard cover and prints (created using the blind embossing technique) cut and put together so they form an accordion book. It belongs to the series of works (with the same technique)Topo-analysis. Totally handmade, with a dark “mute” cover, it contains 12 embosses, 2 as inside front and back covers and 10 as double pages. This is an artist’s book par excellence.

Eleni Panagidou (1985 – ) printmaker,
Topo-analysis – accordion book – 2010
The book consists of emboss prints
13.7 cm x 24.2 cm – 6 double pages (unnumbered)
and 2 single as interior cover pages
English-Cypriot school
No 1665 – Acquisition 2012

Double page

Last single page and interior cover