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Quinze mois à l’Île de Chypre (Fifteen months on the island Cyprus)

In 1897, the narrative by Émile Deschamps appears in the French magazine Le Tour du Monde, in 6 issues (03/10/17 April and 02/09/16 October 1897). This is about Émile Deschamps’ trip to Cyprus from November 1892 to March 1894. In 72 pages in total with rich illustrated content, he recounts his trip to the monuments, the cities, the coasts and the mountains, giving special emphasis to the Frankish monuments and the history of Cyprus, but also to geography, modern life of the Cypriot people (customs, important holidays, beliefs, economic activity – i.e. mainly the agriculture). It is illustrated with photoengravings in the form of clichés, from pictures and sketches by the author.

Émile Deschamps (1857 – 19..) author, engravings by
anonymous and known printmakers from signed and
unsigned drawings,
Quinze mois à l’Île de Chypre (Fifteen months on the island
Cyprus), Publisher Édouard Charton – 1897 – 6 paperback issues: April 03/10/17 and October 02/09/16)
of Édouard Charton’s illustrated magazine
Le Tour du Monde – Journal des voyages et des voyageurs
Clichés from wood and photo engravings, from
drawings by named and unnamed artists, from the
author’s sketches and photos, engraved by anonymous
printmakers. Full-page and in-text illustrations.
29.6 cm x 22 cm paperback issues: 6 x 12 pp. (72 pp.)
French school
No 1083 – Acquisition 2011
1st page of the issue No 14 (03/04/1897):
View of Larnaca and A centenarian woman.
7th page of the issue No 40 (03/10/1897):
4 views of Bellapais Abbey
7th page of the issue No 16 (17/04/1897):
Easter at Larnaca