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Although the print run of the book is quite big (1,500 numbered copies),Lysistrata may be considered as an artist’s book. This last personal publication of A. Tassos includes 24 colour woodcuts for which 110 different blocks were used to render the colours. The woodcuts were printed by Aspioti Elka, from March 1976 to August 1978. All copies are signed by A. Tassos. This is an excellent publication in folio on Glastonbury antique laid. As artistic advisor of the printing house Aspioti-Elka since 1948, the printmaker participates directly in the making of the book.

Aristophanes (ca 445 B.C. – 386 B.C.) author,
Α. Tassos (1914 – 1985) printmaker and publisher,
Lysistrata – 1978 – 1438/1500
24 full-page and in-text colour woodcuts – 154 pp.
Ιn folio (35.2 cm x 26.1 cm).)
Greek school
No 136 – Acquisition 2008
Frontispiece: Peace
Page 128
Pages 46-47