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The modern epic The Adventures of Telemachus by French philosopher Fénelon is a masterpiece of
illustrated literature of the 18th century. The Dutch luxury edition of 1734 in French, with specially drawn
and printed for the edition engravings, serves as a model of the illustrated literature of the 18th century:
other than its excellent printing, it stands out for the variety and quality of the prints: woodcuts for
decoration (headpieces, historiated initials and tail pieces) and engravings for the frontispiece, the map
of Telemachus’ journey, the author’s portrait and 24 narrative engravings, one for each chapter).

François de Salignac de la Mothe-Fénelon
(1651 – 1715) author, Bernard Picart (1673 – 1733)
et al., illustrators, 9 printmakers,
Les Avantures de Télémaque, fils d’Ulysse, Par Feu Messire
François de Salignac, de la Mothe-Fénelon, (…) Nouvelle
édition conforme au Manuscrit original, et enrichie de figures en
taille-douce (…)
(The Adventures of Telemachus) A Am

sterdam, chez J. Wetstein & G. Smith & Wacharie
Chatelain – A Rotterdam, chez Jean Hofhout,
M DCC XXXIV) (1734)
71 prints: woodcuts (headings illustrations, initials and
tailpieces) and engravings (frontispiece, map, portrait
of the author, 24 full page engravings for the
24 chapters, 21.8 cm x 17.3 cm)
In 4° (27.5 cm x 22.5 cm) – 424 pages.
Flemish-French school
No 3835 – Acquisition 2017

Frontispiece (drawing by Bernard Picart, etching and
engraving by Jacob Folkema) Telemachus and Athena

Ιllustration before chapter ΙΧ (drawing by Louis
Fabricius Du Bourg, etching and engraving by
Jacob Folkema) Aphrodite in front of Zeus

Title page (engraving: drawing by Louis Fabricius
Du Bourg, etching and engraving by Pieter Tanje)

Decorative header illustration and initial
(woodcuts by Jean-Michel Papillon)