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Le Rivage des Syrtes (The Opposing Shore)

The two-volume Le Rivage des Syrtes is the first and only illustrated edition of the novel by Julien Gracq, who did not accept any other illustrated editions. This is a bibliophile edition rather than an artist’s book; however the dialogue between the orientalist painter-printmaker and the text is excellent. The book was published in 175 copies with 50 authentic engravings. The traditional printing, the quality of the velin de Rives paper, the appearance of the two-volume book in pages, in a soft gray cover and slipcases, allow us to present this publication among the artist’s books. Each copy bears the name of the buyer and it is signed by the artist. The copy held by Hambis Printmaking Museum is no LΧΧΧΙΙΙ (83) and it was purchased by Raymond Pinchard.

Julien Gracq (1910 – 2007) author, Camille Paul Josso
(1902 – 1986) printmaker,
Le Rivage des Syrtes (The Opposing Shore) Imprimerie
Daragnès printer-publisher, for Beaux livres Grands
amis Publisher – 1957 – 175 copies
(Exemplaire N° LXXXIII imprimé pour Monsieur
Raymond Pinchard)
50 engravings by Camille P. Josso
(14 full-page, 9 double-page and 27 in-text)
In folio (2 volumes in sheets, in slipcases 36 cm x 34 cm
2 volumes (1st volume: 208 pp, edition 09/1956
2nd volume: 224 pp, edition 11/1957)
French school
No 331 – Acquisition 2008
Tängri volcano, on the shore of the enemy
Farghestan (full-page engraving, vol. 2)
The fortress on the shore of the Syrtes
(full-page engraving, vol. 1)
Orsenna, capital of the Principality of Orsenna
(double-page engraving, vol. 1)