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The so-called Landscape with a Lute Player is, in addition to its artistic and technical quality, a good example of reproductive printmaking. The original design remains completely unknown, even though Titian’s name is engraved on the plate. But whether the original is indeed one of Titian’s many drawings, or of a member of his artistic environment, or the creation of the printmaker himself as an honour to Titian – there are other similar cases, and the foreground reminds more of Annibale Carracci’s work… Various museums however have in their collections the “original” print. This is the etching of Giovanni Francesco Grimaldi, recorded by Bartsch in the work of Le Peintre Graveur. The etching of Hambis Printmaking Museum – which is also found in other museums, with exactly the same dimensions, the same quality of printmaking, differs only in that it is a reverse copy that the etched note «Ticiano Venetia» became «Titiano inv.» and the name of the publisher «Daman excudit» disappeared. The chronology of the two works is unknown, but both belong to the second quarter of the 17th century.

Vecellio Tiziano (1485 – 1490 – 1576) (from a drawing
by), Giovanni Francesco Grimaldi (1606 – 1680) (from
an etching by), Anonymous (17th century) printmaker,
Il suonatore di liuto (Landscape with a lute-player) – etching
1630 – 1680 (mirror copy of Grimaldi’s etching)
Image: 33.8 cm x 46.8 cm
Sheet: 34.2 cm x 47 cm
Italian school
No 744 – Αcquisition 2009