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Although its printing quality is average, the bookCyprus, its ancient cities, tombs and templesby Luigi Palma di Cesnola is a rare book on Cyprus,because it gives an account and studies – without however a great scientific importance – the archaeological excavations and embezzlement of ancient artefacts by Cesnola as US consul in Cyprus (1865-1877). It contains many pictures – clichés from wood engravings – of the antiquities in Cyprus that the Metropolitan Museum bought from Cesnola.

Luigi Palma di Cesnola (1832 – 1904) author, anonymous printmakers from anonymous drawings,
Cyprus, its ancient cities, tombs and temples. A narrative of researches and excavations during ten years’ residence as American
consul in that island – London: John Murray, Albemarle
Street – 1877
Typographic clichés from wood engravings, photoengravings – With 2 maps (of Cyprus and of Cesnola’s
travels in Cyprus)
Ιn 8° (23.7 cm x 15.5 cm) – XX + 448 pp.
English school
No 2986 – Acquisition 2014
Page 41. Chapter I – Vignette: Larnaca P. 10
Pages 156-157. Chapter V – Sculptures of Golgoi