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The temporary exhibition in the Hambis Municipal Printmaking Museum proposes a journey in the art of Russian Printmaking. It includes upwards of 30 works created by artists who studied and worked before and during the Soviet era.

All artists, although they differ in style, are united in their love for art and for Russia. They celebrate their homeland, through illustrations in books by Russian and foreign authors as well as through landscape works that pay tribute to imperial palaces, urban landscapes and the beautiful Russian nature. Small black-and-white woodcuts by Vladimir Favorsky, big monochrome or colour linocuts by Mikhail Avvakumov can be viewed side by side with colour landscapes by Ivan Pavlov, Max A. Birstein and István Lenárt. The exhibition also showcases works by artists who studies at Surikov Institute of the Arts in Moscow, and a rare aquatint by painter Valentin Serov. The exhibition is completed with an album with original prints by Vladimir Favorsky, which are the illustrations for Little Tragedies by Pushkin and two albums with landscapes and various other subjects by Ivan Pavlov.

Will last until the 9th of January 2022.