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Printmaking as a social comment

”Printmaking as a social comment”  is the new exhibition launched at the Hambis Municipal Printmaking Museum, dedicated to the memory of the art historian Nelli Kiriazi. On display, 27 art-pieces from the archival collections of the Hambis Printmaking Museum in Cyprus, and the Athens Printmaking Center-Pandolfini & Siaterli in Greece.

The artists who participate with their prints are the following: Ioannis Antonopoulos, Michalis Arfaras, Silvano Barducci, Lefteris Veletzas, Aristidis Vlassis, Onorio Bravi, Manolis Yiannadakis, Marisa Zattini, Nikos Kaskouras, Yorgos Kypris, Anastasia Konstantakou, Valentini Mavrodoglou, Kyriakos Mortarakos, Lambros Orfanos, Pino Pandolfini, Spyridoula Politi, Dimitra Siaterli, Yannis Stefanakis, Giorgos Tsakiris, Florence Christaki, Xenis Sachinis, Eleni Panagidou,Stelios Stylianou,Hambis, Panagiotis Larkos, Salvador Pizarro, Charalambos Krasias.

This periodic exhibition, which presents all the above mentioned contemporary printimaking art artists of the 21st century, will last until August 14, 2021, and will be showned alongside with the Museum’s annual exhibition ” The Traditional Techniques of Printmaking”.

In the annual exhibition 50 artworks from the permanent collection of the Museum are displayed, covering an extensive chronilogical range from the 16th century up to the recent centuries. Explanatory texts complement the exhibits, in order to facilitate the comprehension of the printmaking’s multiformity and diversity, which both derive from the numerous methods of the three fundamental and traditional techniques.


Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth, Cyprus