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Hambis Printmaking Museum

The museum opened its doors in the summer of 2008, with a humble collection of a few hundreds of works all coming from donations. Hambis generously donated his small personal collection and some of his prints, along with printmakers from Cyprus and Greece who came to the museum to give the first modern works to the collection, as well as friends collectors – who donated enthusiastically one or more works from their collection. Over the years, the donations have continued from loyal friends of the museum who come and visit us regularly, as well as from Cypriot and foreign printmakers, enriching the collection of the museum. The temporary exhibitions held by the museum are also a good opportunity for donations by the exhibiting artists.

With very little financial resources available, the museum started also to buy prints of important artists. Even though the dream of a Picasso linocut, of an original Rembrandt etching, of a Gauguin’s woodcut or wood engraving remains a dream, sometimes the golden opportunity to buy a “treasure” appears. A visit to Hambis Printmaking Museum is also an opportunity for tourists to get acquainted with the Cypriot and European printmaking which usually comes in second place in the big museums abroad. The exhibits change on an annual basis, temporary exhibitions open, giving the opportunity to present various thematic aspects of the collection. Sometimes we also open up drawers to respond to a visitor’s intense desire to see a work that is not exhibited. Hambis Printmaking Museum seems to be original because of the conviction that the collection must be protected but above all that it must be offered to the public’s direct gaze.

Αt the Museum visitors have the opportunity to become familiar with the historical course of printmaking, its techniques, materials as well as printing presses through a selection from the rich collection of the Museum. Exhibition includes prints of all techniques and methods of printmaking by International and Cypriot artists from the 16th century until today, old books and maps, tools of all printmaking techniques and engraved plates of various techniques with their prints. The Museum organizes educational programs, lectures and temporary exhibitions of contemporary printmaking.