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Χαράλαμπος Κρασιάς Ευχή, 2015, λινογραφία


For artists who were critical observers of their contemporary society and the abuses of power, or those politically committed to the defense of the oppressed and the victims, printmaking was and remains a prime means of expressing their beliefs and struggles.

With independent or embedded prints in magazines and books, and later with posters, lithographs or offset prints, it is possible to inform and reach a large number of people and encourage them to reflect and get directly involved; to mobilise.

In this exhibition there are 30 prints or posters and 4 books presented in 4 sections. First and foremost, they deal with the enlistment of Cypriots for their country’s tragedy and other artists who were confronted with wars in their country. A section is dedicated to works by Greek and foreign engravers against the Greek junta and the Greek civil war. On display are prints by Ch. Danglis and HAP Grieshaber, and militant work by A. Tassos. The important chapter on human rights proposes the well-known Libertad de expresion by Mexican A. Mexiac as well as works on student demands and women’s rights.The latter, wide-ranging chapter of the exhibtion contains political prints, in the form of satire or glorification of the people, and a harsh view of societies that impose ways of life and thought, offer all the comforts to some while others are deprived of basic goods and oppressed until they are forced to emigrate… From the “beggars” of J. Callot in the 17th century, F. Masereel’s expressionist woodcuts of 20th century megacities, to the immigrants of C. Tsangaris and S. Paparoditis.

The temporary exhibition on the theme “Committed Prints” is open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 10.00 to 13.00 and 16.00 to 18.00 until 15 June 2023.