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Colour – from coloured to colour prints

Printmaking is often identified as the old black and white ”engravings” form the past centuries. However, since the early stages of printmaking, coloured prints were competing with paintings. It seems that the public was always interested to see colour included in both, book illustrations and prints. Those prints were decorating the homes of all classes of society. Initially prints were coloured (mono-chrome), in both popular and artistic printmaking, or printed on coloured paper. This approach to the colour was used until the 20th century. However, since the 17th century, attempts have been made by many printmakers to achieve colour prints. The complex process followed by printmakers today to achieve colour prints from a wooden matrix, intaglio prints and lithographs make these works particularly valuable.

Recently with the help of technology and contemporary printmaking techniques, colour in printmaking has reached new innovative approaches offer endless creative psedossibilities.


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