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Young self-taught painter and printmaker, Hambis, meets with A. Tassos who gives him his first printmaking lessons. After his studies in Moscow, he dedicates all of his life in printmaking, creating woodcuts, lithographs, etchings but mainly linocuts and screen prints. Almost his whole printed work testifies his deep love for Cyprus. His works, in direct connection with the events experienced by his country and himself, as a refugee, give an account on the «disasters of the war», the sorrow of up-rooted people. He also depicts landscapes, traditional elements of architecture and art from antiquity, and customs. Much of his work comprises illustrations of Cypriot folk tales. Series or compositions including text and illustration, just like in the ancient block-books, his illustrations are always prints. The production of the modern book follows.

Women walk home

Hambis (1947 – ) printmaker,Women walk home – colour screen print1989 – 7/96Image: 66.8 cm x 94 cmSheet: 70 cm x 100 cmRussian-Cypriot schoolNo 332

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