From the very first years of the Museum’s inauguration, the Donors and valued ”Friends” who supported and believed in its values and cultural oeuvre, were our significant allies. They contributed considerably and importantly to the Museum’s effort to promote the art of printmaking. It is deemed necessary for the Museum to be able to cover its expenses and raise its own funds, therefore each and every contribution is meaningful. Donate online or by bank transfer to the following account:


You may contribute to the accomplishment of the Museum’s goals by making a donation of an artwork or a monetary donation. Ever more exhibitions, publications and educational programmes can take place with your help.

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We invite you to become a member of the Hambis Printmaking
Museum! The Museum which has introduced, promoted and established the tutoring of
printmaking in Cyprus. Join in us in a compelling journey that extends to 2 Museums, and
follows the evolution of printmaking from the 16th century in Europe. Participate in a narrative of
a rich artistic creation which evolves through more than 4,000 works of European, Greek,
Cypriot, Japanese, Russian and American printmaking. Become part of the Museum’s cultural
contribution to the society, with a symbolic annual subscription, and be the first to know about
the Museums news and events.

Η κυριότερη πηγή εμπλουτισμού της συλλογής του Μουσείου υπήρξε από την αρχή η γενναιόδωρη δωρεά χαρακτικών έργων από φίλους χαράκτες και συλλέκτες. Οποιοδήποτε έργο ή αντικείμενο σχετίζεται με την τέχνη της χαρακτικής, όσο ταπεινό κι αν φαντάζει στον σημερινό κάτοχό του, μπορεί να ενδιαφέρει το Μουσείο. Κάθε έργο ή αντικείμενο που δωρίζεται στο Μουσείο καταγράφεται επιμελώς στα δελτία ως ” Δωρεά του/της/των….. ”.