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Annual Exhibition

February 20, 2020 - February 20, 2021

Hambis Printmaking Museum in Platanistia presents an annual exhibition of artworks from its
collection, until February 20, 2021. All the engravings, books, etc. which are presented, they
reflect, from the 16th century, the roles taken by printmaking: until the 19th century, emphasis is
placed on the dissemination, mainly with reproductions of other works of art, works that
contributed to the advancement of knowledge, but also to the multifaceted relationship between
printmaking and monarchical authority.
Modern works reflect the abundant production of engravings, not only with traditional techniques
but also with new and experimental. Educational programs may be offered in each section,
depending on the age of the students.

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  • Date: February 20, 2020 - February 20, 2021
  • Location:Hambis Printmaking Museum
  • Curators:Hélène Reeb – Tsangari